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☆7月6日 @ 浦和ナルシス☆

Highlight of tonight's live?

緋絽 announcing that gossip are to have a live at O-EAST later on in the year (a big deal), but instead of saying gossip started saying Visage! He got as far as Visa.. and then realized what he'd done. He looked speechless, the rest of the band just looked at the floor, all us fans in the centre area (all ex Visage fans) started cracking up, and kaname spins round and flying kicks 緋絽 in the stomach! It looked painful as hell! (緋絽 kept saying.. "That REALLY HURT!" and other such comments), the fans kept laughing and after a little while 緋絽 attempted to announce it again, but correctly this time.

It was ridiculously funny.. but at the same time, REALLY BAD! Bad 緋絽! *laughs*

Live was fantastic.. 緋絽 needs to stop stage diving when there are only 3 rows of girls! (he KNOWS I'm the only one who can hold him up, or at least break his fall with my podgy gaijin-ness, so just leaps in my direction as the other girls run out the way!) Thankfully the rest of the band (especially UJ who seemed to be especially weird towards me) have finally warmed up to the gaijin concept and are actually.. *gasp* making eyecontact! hahahaha. And Narciss is small, the stage is low.. so this was much more intimate than all the other lives up to now and it was FANTASTIC. Better report to come later when its not 2.22am and I don't have 2 tons of studying to do!
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