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Finally, a layout!!!!

Finally, we have a layout~!

A huge thanks and lots of hugs and cookies and other wonderful things must go to kagensakura ~~~~~!

Now I just need to be a good girl and get back to updating the community! I've got the sold out KuRt event (which gossip are of course playing at) later today so maybe I'll actually write a report this time! Or maybe I'll just die from exhaustion! *grins*

Thankyou again!!!
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So lucky you managed to get a ticked for this event? xD Really, lucky you! I would be interested how kuRt manage this event in this case I would really welcome a nice report. :D

Have fun then.
Well, I got my ticket about 2 days after they went on sale (because I SUCK and forgot on the day they were released) and so I have a horrid ticket (293 when AREA is about 400 or so capacity).. but at least I have one! It sold out really quickly, but that's not surprising considering most of the bands usually play much larger venues like O-EAST.

gossip of course only have a few rows of fans! I'm expecting to be swamped by KuRt and Vidoll fans! (but since I'm an old Visage fan, I'm looking forward to seeing Ryouki again in KuRt)! It should be fun though.. if I ever get any sleep before it! Hehe.. (nearly 9am here in Japan and I've not gone to bed yet! Ooops!)