★Sei☆ (midnitestar7) wrote in birth_of_cult,

Big announcement time...

So... gossip have a big announcement to make at the 2nd of their 2 oneman dates in a few days time.

I have to say, I'm not feeling entirely positive about it... They've gotten really slack lately with updating their site (they only just updated it for the first time since early July!), lives have been pretty infrequent... They've lost most of their hardcore fans (the entire saizen nearly consists of newbies now)... And since they've already released CDs, had onemans etc.. it doesn't seem like either of those things would constitute a BIG announcement. Unless perhaps they've decided to record a full album.. or maybe they're on a label now..

I don't know...

But I get a bad vibe from it... I hope I'm wrong.. x_x
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